Who is Tara?

Tara Walker Lyons, age 30, is a born-and-raised Montanan. Born on the Blackfeet Reservation, in Browning, she is a Blackfeet Native and a strong advocate for the prevention of childhood sexual abuse. Tara has been active as an advocate since the summer of 2015 when her story became an interest to many Montanans. She has continued to lobby Montana’s lawmakers to address the need for education in schools to teach children about body safety and sexual abuse prevention. In Janurary of 2017, "Tara's Law" was introduced to the Montana Legislature to create a comprehensive educational component for Montana schools to choose to educate their students with. Tara's Law was signed by Governor Steve Bullock in April 2017. 

Lyons has been a public speaker for the State of Montana’s Victim Impact Program since August 2015 and has conducted presentations across the state in prisons, treatment centers, pre-releases, conferences, and high schools. She organized the first “Rally Against Childhood Sexual Abuse” in the State of Montana and has chosen to continue conducting these educational rallies in various communities in Montana.

Lyons volunteers her time mentoring and advocating for child survivors of sexual abuse and organizing community events focused on education and awareness. Tara was nominated for the 2017 Serve Montana awards through the Governor's Office. She currently lives in Missoula where she raises her two children and loyal dog, Rango.