What are people saying about Tara's efforts?

 “Combating sexual abuse is a top priority for the Montana Department of Justice, and the work of individuals like Tara is an invaluable component to the larger effort of preventing kids from enduring such horrendous circumstances,...Tara should be commended for the work she does.”  

-Montana Attorney General Tim Fox

Published in the Ravalli Republic

“Tara’s story is so compelling...And the facts that go beyond Tara’s story are even more compelling... I admire her courage so much,” Moe said of Lyons. “Her story is one that should be listened to. ”  

-Senator Mary Sheehy Moe

Published in the Helena Independent Record

 "Three years ago, my daughter didn't want to live because of what happened. I had two girls that didn't want to look anyone in the eye, or talk about what happened to them. I feel like I have my girls back. They don't feel guilty anymore, they don't feel dirty anymore, they feel strong, they feel empowered, they feel like no matter what happens, always fight the good fight..... I was so broken by the time I was done fighting to get him convicted, Tara was absolutely the saving grace in our lives. Thank you for showing them, they didn't have to remain victims, they are survivors, and warriors." 

-Sarah, mother of two young survivors in Montana  

“[Tara] speaks clearly about her experience and the direct impacts that it’s had on her life...She is passionate and poised and truly embodies the experience of a sexually abused child who has risen up to become a survivor.  

-Emma's House Child Advocacy Center

Published in the Ravalli Republic 

 “The women here saw a lot of hope in Tara's story...Many of our offenders are victims themselves. It’s empowering for them to see someone who has also been traumatized being successful.” 

-Passages Pre Release and Treatment Center

Published in the Ravalli Republic 

Letters of Recommendation

Principal of Poplar High School (pdf)


Emma's House Child Advocacy Center (pdf)


Belt Schools Letter Of Rec (pdf)