Video Tools

This song is my favorite conversation-starter for parents and children. I have used this tool in my own home and my kids love to sing along and dance with the lyrics. Turn an otherwise intimidating conversation into a fun learning experience with the PANTS Song!

This excellent TED Talk by Dr. Nadine Burke Harris is a fascinating presentation that you won't want to miss. Learn about the affects of ACE's or Adverse Childhood Experiences and how they affect a child's development. Childhood trauma affects our long-term health outcomes and Dr. Burke Harris does an amazing job of explaining how and why. I have used this talk in various events and presentations and I urge anyone with an interest in child abuse prevention to watch and share. 

This video details Montana's Mandated Reporter laws and procedures. This is good information for teachers, administrators, law enforcement, and those working in the social work arena. Mandated reporters can be considered a key part of child abuse prevention. Take a few moments to watch this training and learn about the reporting process.